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Two Playmakers was created with the aim of making different aspects of Football Manager more accessible to beginners, of this game series. When I was first introduced to the game by my roommate in my first year in campus, what struck me was the sheer volume of information that the game front loads you with. 

Were it not that I am a staunch football fan, and I had also witnessed the joy my roommate had after barely surviving relegation with Sunderland in FM17, I would have probably given up on trying to make sense of it all.

Fast-forward to 2022, and I have learnt a lot, to say the least. From my first save game with my favourite club Manchester United where I was fired halfway through the season for failing to be in contention for the Champions League positions, to my current one where I am painstakingly taking on the Youth Academy Challenge with Leeds United.

Two Playmakers shares everything I have learnt throughout this journey including tactics, transfer negotiation tips, scouting guides and more, that has seen me stay up all night on quite a few occasions making sure I have my team ready to take on the new season.

To contact me, please visit this page: https://twoplaymakers.com/contact


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