The Best Way to Use Trequartistas in Football Manager

Who is a trequartista?

A trequartista in football manager refers to a very creative player who operates in the space between the opposition’s midfield and its defence.  The trequartista is similar to an advanced playmaker in that they shoulder the team’s creative burden, but the difference is that the trequartista scores more goals than the advanced playmaker and also does less defensive work.

Out of possession, the trequartista will simply roam the field and try to occupy spaces which he will be more effective in, once his teammates win the ball back. As a result, the trequartista in FM is only available with an attack duty. You can only assign the role, to a player in the attacking midfield or striker position.

It is wise to only have one trequartista in your tactic to avoid being exposed defensively because they do not contribute much in defence.

Examples of the trequartistas include Neymar at PSG who prefers playing through the centre, and Eden Hazard who excelled at the role while playing under Antonio Conte at Chelsea.

Attributes Required For a Trequartista in FM

First, the Trequartista needs excellent technical skills. His dribbling and flair should preferably be above 16 to prevent you from being frustrated by him losing possession almost every time he tries to take on someone.

A trequartista in Football Manager
A trequartista in Football Manager

His passing and vision should then be up to par for him to accurately find his teammates making runs in behind the defense. Aim for these to be at least 15. For clubs in the lower leagues, 14s and 13s should do the trick.

If you are playing the trequartista in the striker position, his finishing and technique should also be at least 14, while off the ball movement and anticipation should still be decent to increase chances of the trequartista popping up in the right place at the right time to finish off chances.

Player Traits Suitable for a Trequartista

Now, since the trequartista is a hybrid between the advanced playmaker and the striker, it is preferable for him to have the best PPMs of the two roles. The following player traits will be suitable for a trequartista;

  1. Tries killer balls often – The trequartista should be the only playmaker in your team, and having this trait will increase the regularity in which he attempts defence splitting passes. However, the success of the passes will depend on his passing, technique and vision
  2. Plays one-twos – Having the ability to play one-twos in the pockets between the opposition’s defence and midfield will most likely draw them out of position, thereby creating room for your attacks. The success of this PPM is tied down to a player’s passing.
  3. Runs with ball often – the trequartista’s dribbling and flair will be crucial in cutting through the oppositions defence or drawing fouls from them. Drawing fouls is a very viable tactic, especially if you’ve got a good set piece taker and good headers of the ball.

Player Traits Unsuitable for a Trequartista

The following PPMs should be avoided in the trequartista role;

  1. Plays short simple passes – The trequartista shouldn’t be conservative in his play as the primary creative outlet in the team. This PPM should only be trained on centre backs and defensive midfielders with poor passing.  
  2. Runs with ball rarely – Two of the most important attributes required for a trequartista being dribbling and flair, makes this PPM the last thing you want him to have.
  3. Plays no through balls – Slightly related to “plays short simple passes”, this PPM is unsuitable for all attack minded players, let alone the chief creator in the team.
  4. Likes to beat offside trap – The trequartista should operate in the hole between the defence and midfield, this player trait would instead force him to play at the shoulder of the opposition’s defence ready to chase a through ball rather than operating in the hole and creating chances for the team.

Tactics with a Trequartista

As already pointed out, you should only have one trequartista in your tactic. The position you put him in, should be decided by how you set up the rest of the team out of possession. 

Here are two tactics, the trequartista being in the striker position and the other in the attacking midfielder’s position.

  1. 4312 Narrow

In the 4312 Narrow formation, There are three other midfielders who will shoulder the defensive burden out of possession, then in attack the trequartista will have two forwards making runs, and he will only need to pick out one for a through ball or early cross depending on where he will be.

The fullbacks should be on an attacking duty or wing backs on support duty since there are no wingers to provide the width. However, be cautious on making them too attacking as you can be severely exposed down the flanks.

4312 Narrow in FM
4312 Narrow

The midfielders should have a nice balance, with two of them staying back when the team is in possession to guard against counter-attacks.

The third midfielder who would be joining the attack when possible should either be on the box to box role or mezzala role.

Do not assign the midfielders a playmaker role, like the deep lying playmaker or advanced playmaker.

  1. 4231 Wide

When playing the trequartista in the striker position, be sure to provide him with runners in behind as he will often drop deep into the hole between the defence and midfield, vacating his position.

Inside forwards on either side will do the trick nicely, while the attacking midfielder on support can be given the instruction “Get further forward” to encourage him to make more runs into the box.

The fullbacks should be on attack duty to take advantage of the space vacated by the inside forwards as they move into the box.

Trequartista 4231 Wide
4231 wide with a trequartista

As a result of making your fullbacks very attacking, your midfielders should be on conservative roles like a ball winning midfielder on defensive duty partnered by a Central midfielder on support duty to create some balance.

You can also opt for a box to box midfielder if you need more attacking presence.

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