How To Find Transfer Listed Players in Football Manager

Finding players that are available for cheap in football manager is very difficult, especially in newer versions of the game. One of the most consistent ways of getting bargains in a save game is signing players who are transfer listed.

These players can normally be signed for fees matching their transfer values, sometimes, depending on the reasons they have been transfer listed for, you can get them for way lower fees than what they are worth.

Therefore, if your budget is limited, and you need to strengthen one position, or find a depth player, looking at transfer listed players is definitely one of the better ways of improving your team. Another solid method is finding free agents 

However, not all transfer listed players will be available at knockdown prices. When an exceptional player, especially in a smaller team, wants to move to a bigger club, he will demand to be transfer listed, although this largely depends on the player’s personality. When the club caves in to the player’s demand and transfer lists him, his requested transfer fee will typically be much higher than his estimated transfer value.

Therefore, before you start admiring a transfer listed player, try to find out why he has been transfer listed in the first place. 

Keep in mind that some players depending on their personality can cause locker room drama, which might be a reason why they are in the transfer list in the first place. Signing them opens the possibility of the same happening in your team once they are in it.

Step by Step Method Of Finding Transfer Listed Players

  1. Select the scouting tab in the game
  2. Once you have selected the scouting tab, hover your cursor on top of the page under ‘players’ then select ‘player search’. You will be provided with all players in the game that your scouts have knowledge of. Those players your scouts have not yet come across will not be displayed. Therefore, it is paramount to set up your scouting network well.
  3. Click on the ‘New Search’ button to fine tune your searches
  4. Select the dropdown under transfer status and select ‘listed’. All the other players you have scouted will be filtered out, except from those that are transfer listed.
  5. Unless you are looking for transfer listed players with experience to mentor your wonderkids, add another filter with age 29 as the maximum age for players who are displayed. This is to save you from going after players who have been transfer listed because they are past their peaks and their attributes are dropping as a result.
  6. Tick the ‘interested in’ box to only display players that would be willing to join your club. There is no need of chasing players that are not remotely interested in playing for your club. 
  7. Choosing the settings icon next to the ‘interested in’ box will provide you with options with the levels of interest shown. Those who are ‘very interested’ to join will be much easier to sign, while those who are ‘dubious’ or ‘doubtful’ will need a bit more convincing, either through higher wages or giving them promises.
  8. Go through the list of displayed players, select the ones who look promising, then assign your scouts to further scout them until you have full knowledge of them

Searching For A Specific Player In Football Manager

If you have a specific player in mind that you want to sign, and want to quickly search for him by his name, click on any player in your team, then click where his name is displayed on the top of the page. A search bar will appear that you can use to search any individual in your game including, players, staff, scouts and referees.