How Many Seasons Can You Play in Football Manager?

Whether you want to build a legacy at one club or want to manage in various continents winning varied championships on the way, at the end of the day, you will go through numerous seasons at a breeze on a single football manager save game, especially when things click, and you go on an amazing winning run.

On the downside, not all versions of the football manager game can be played endlessly over tens of seasons with no end, and without prior planning, you might find yourself you have reached the set limit of how many seasons you can play, on the football manager version that you have, without yet achieving all the goals that you set before starting the save game.

Full PC and Stadia Versions

The full PC version of football manager and also the version available on Stadia do not have a limit on how many seasons you can play in a save game.

The game will still perform well in the later seasons, decades into the save game, and will process matches at an acceptable speed if you set up your game in the right way by loading the correct number of leagues according to the processing power of your PC.

The full PC version is therefore ideal, if you fancy starting a save at a future date where most of the current players have already retired and the world is dominated by regens. 

You can also simulate years into the future after you are done with your save game to see how the team you painstakingly shaped performs without you at the helm.

It is not uncommon to come across managers on Reddit and other football manager related forums with saves that span close to 100 years, normally on an older iteration of the game. They will still play the newer versions, while also jumping back to the older ones once in a while.

FM Touch Version

The football manager touch version is more streamlined and ideal to be played in shorter periods. It is less demanding, and therefore can run on weaker PCs, furthermore, it is also available on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

The FM touch version of football manager can only be played for 30 seasons on a tablet or any other device that is not a PC. Once you hit the 30 seasons mark, you will get a pop-up asking you to continue your save in a PC.

FM Mobile (FMM) Version

Similar to the FM Touch version but more simplified, FM Mobile is designed for mobile phones, but can also work on iPads and tablets.

FM Mobile can also only be played for 30 seasons, but unlike FM Touch, you will not have an option for continuing your save game on a PC.

Football Manager Xbox Version

Just like FM Mobile and FM Touch, the football manager version available on Xbox can only be played for 30 seasons.

The Xbox  version is based off the FM Touch version, and by selecting 5 or fewer nations at the start of your save, you can continue your save game across the Microsoft ecosystem i.e. Xbox and Windows 10 PC

Why Is There a 30 Seasons Limit on Football Manager?

The 30 seasons limit exists to prevent the save file from becoming too big, as there are regulations on different devices on how much space a game or application can occupy.

At the end of the day, 30 seasons are plenty to have a satisfying experience playing football manager. And if you want more, you can always get the PC version which is more detailed and in depth, alongside having the capabilities to load custom pictures for players, trophies and even different save scenarios.