Here Are The Best Carrileros In FM23

FM23 is now out in the wild, making this the right time to round up the best carrileros you can get early on in the game.

They will not come cheap, however, with some good timing and some luck, you might manage to snag one or two of them towards the end of their current contracts when payers in the game are normally considerably cheaper.

Without further ado, here are the best carrileros you can sign in FM23 at the start of the save;

  1. Federico Valverde
  2. Rodrigo Bentancur
  3. Moises Caicedo
  4. Eduardo Camavinga
  5. Aurélien Tchouameni
  6. Ryan Gravenberch
  7. Nicolo Barella
  8. Ivan Ilic
  9. Yves Bissouma
  10. Oleksandr Zinchenko

I have deliberately avoided naming players who are close to the age of 30. This is to ensure you get maximum service out of these players I’ve settled upon, or a nice transfer fee should one of the bigger clubs come after them.

1. Federico Valverde

The tail end of last season and the beginning of the 2022/23 season has been something of a revolution for Federico Valverde, his potential has always been there for everyone to see, but under Ancelotti in a more advanced role, Valverde has truly announced himself on the biggest stage

Often deployed in the wide positions at Real Madrid, Valverde is still a highly capable central midfield player.

The best carrileros in FM23

With Real Madrid having an embarrassment of riches in central midfield, it might be slightly easier than normal to sign him from the Spanish club 

Valverde’s high physicality and work rate make him a natural candidate for a Carrilero role or a box to box midfielder should you wish. He is also equally effective in a more attacking mezzala role.

If you are adventurous and want to try something new, you might also retrain him to operate as an inverted wingback on the right.

2. Rodrigo Bentancur

Bentancur joined Spurs in January 2022 and transformed their midfield for the rest of the year.

Together with Kulusevsky operating in the wider areas, the two played a critical role in the team securing a top-four finish and a place in the Champions League.

Bentancur can play a few different roles in both the defensive and central midfield, his physical traits, however, together with decent technique and passing make him a viable Carrilero candidate.

He is still only 25, and has a long contract at Tottenham Hotspurs, therefore securing his signature will likely cost a tidy sum, not to mention the huge wages he will also demand from you.

3. Moises Caicedo

21-year-old Caicedo has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year at Brighton under the tutelage of Graham Potter, who has now departed for Chelsea.

He can comfortably play different roles in central midfield including a carrilero, box to box midfielder and also deeper in defensive midfield as a shield for your backline.

He will still cost a pretty penny, but playing for Brighton, it is much easier to sign him up than convincing the likes of Valverde and Bentancur to leave Real Madrid and Tottenham respectively.

Be sure to go after him immediately, as the bigger clubs will be in for him after the first season.

4. Eduardo Camavinga

Barely into his twenties, Camavinga is already one of the best talents in FM23 in the middle of the park.

Florentino Pérez brought him to Real Madrid at the start of last season to learn under the great talents of Toni Kroos and Luca Modric before eventually replacing them in the near future.

Camavinga did more than that, playing an important role in the UCL knockout games, coming in place of Kroos and turning the games around with his impressive work rate and sharp passing.

Camavinga’s wide array of talents makes him a candidate for virtually any role in the middle of the park, he is equally capable as a carrilero, roaming playmaker, advanced playmaker and even a ball winning midfielder should you wish

Playing at Real Madrid, he will not come cheap and also demand a lot of wages. However, should you manage to sign him, you are guaranteed a world class player for more than 10 years

5. Aurélien Tchouameni

Tchouameni is another young talent brought in by Perez to take after when Toni Kroos and company hang up their boots in a season or two.

But just like Camavinga, he is also playing at a very high level, and it might not be a surprise seeing both of them start for France at the World Cup.

He has the right attributes for a carrilero, but he can also play a more adventurous central midfield role like a mezzala or a roaming playmaker

He will also cost quite a lot, but with Real Madrid hoarding some great midfield talents, you might get him at a bargain if he lacks the required game time at Los Blancos.

6. Ryan Gravenberch

Gravenberch joined Bayern Munich from Ajax, but has not yet hit the heights of Jamal Musiala, another very good central midfielder at the club.

He has bags of potential and can adeptly play in central midfield as a carrilero, a roaming playmaker or in defensive midfield as a regista.

He is only 21 years old at the start of football manager 2023, and if you lack the funds to sign him up, a 2-year loan deal is certainly a good way to enjoy his services.

Gravenberch will not immediately operate at the highest level like the other names on this list, but he will slowly and surely develop into a world-beater if you develop him in the right way.

7. Nicolo Barella

At only 25 years old, Barella is an exciting Serie A talent entering his prime years. The Inter Milan midfielder can play different positions in midfield, from defensive midfield to attacking midfield.

He is however at his best as either a carrilero or a box to box midfielder with the licence to join the team in attack when the opportunity arises.

In defensive midfield, you can use his high mobility and work rate as a no-nonsense ball-winning midfielder who will cover large areas of the pitch. However, this negates his attacking prowess.

As is the case with Serie A players, they will normally command reasonable transfer fees, so it is best to move in for him early before he is snatched up by the likes of Real Madrid and PSG.

8. Ivan Ilic

Ivan Ilic plies his trade in Serie A for Hellas Verona.  At 21 years old, he already has two seasons in the Serie A under his belt and has grown in leaps and bounds.

He can play in central midfield as a carrilero, box to box midfielder or mezzala, or you can also deploy him in defensive midfield as a deep lying playmaker to pull the strings from further back.

Playing in Serie A, he won’t cost as much as the other talents on this list, and is definitely a good signing for a club with ambitions of qualifying for the Champions League.

9. Yves Bissouma

Bissouma has not had the best of starts at Tottenham Hotspurs, often finding himself on the bench unable to displace Hojberg or Bentancur.

Despite this, he is still a highly capable player, as he had already proved so at Brighton before his move to the London-based club.

Possessing impressive physical and technical attributes, Bissouma is comfortable in the defensive midfield position or further forward as a carrilero or box to box midfielder in central midfield.

Monitor his game time at the start of your FM23 save, and if by chance he becomes unhappy, move in for him swiftly, as he is an impeccable talent in his prime years.

10. Oleksandr Zinchenko

A natural in different positions, Zinchenko is an ideal player if you like to tinker with different systems every few games.

Now a gunner, Zinchenko has become an influential figure in Arteta’s dressing room and is a major part of how Arsenal go about its business on the pitch.

In central midfield, deploying him as a carrilero takes advantage of the fact that he is comfortable operating in the wider areas of the pitch while offering an excellent passing range and strength in defence.

He however has a long contract, meaning you will have to pay a lot in both wages and transfer fees to secure his signature.